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How to Choose a Helicopter Tour Company

Giving visitors the chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime thrill is one of the best things about providing helicopter tours of the city. Even though we enjoy seeing people’s delight as they approach our helicopters, we are also aware that doing anything new can raise some doubts and even cause some nervousness. Here is all the information you require to get ready for your first helicopter tour, in addition to getting to know how to choose a great company for the tour.

Check on the seating arrangement. Remember to inquire about the seating configuration when planning your helicopter tour. The majority of helicopters that are used for conducting helicopter tours will have space for six passengers, two of whom will sit in the front and four of whom will sit in the back. You can end up with a poor view in the center seats if this is the case. Make sure you reserve early in order to get a window seat or the front seat and a better view. Because they must evenly distribute the passengers’ weight throughout the helicopter, the tour operator might not be able to make any guarantees. However, there is a decent possibility that at least one of you will receive a window seat if you are traveling with someone else. Additionally, some tour operators may let you pay extra to ensure a seat beside the window.

Plan your tour well in advance and choose a highly skilled provider. You’ll want to make reservations in advance, especially during busy travel times. Contact our guest concierge to make a tour reservation once you’ve chosen your Kauai vacation homes. We can let you know about several companies that provide advance purchase discounts in addition to securing you a space. You may read a lot of reviews of the trip you’re thinking about in advance online thanks to the availability of so many of them.

Make sure you dress comfortably. A new and possibly uncomfortable! dress should not be tried on for the first time on a helicopter trip. It’s crucial to wear familiar and comfortable attire because you’ll want to enjoy every minute of your flight. The helicopter’s interior will be similar to a car’s in terms of temperature. For hotter days and throughout the cooler months, each aircraft is equipped with air conditioning. The best option is always to layer your clothing, just like you would on a flight! You should leave your flip-flops and sandals at home since most helicopter companies require that passengers wear closed-toed shoes. Avert wearing high shoes, scarves, or jewelry that is hanging.

Research online reviews. Look at online review sites to learn what other travelers are saying about the company and tour you are considering. Do travelers agree that the personnel and pilots are kind and knowledgeable? Did they see all that they had hoped to see? Was the trip enjoyable? Before making a reservation, be sure to review your operator’s weather policy. Rain delays do occur, and tour routes can change depending on the weather. Operators reserve the right to cancel or postpone events at any time. Think about making reservations early so you can reschedule if necessary throughout your stay.

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