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Amex Business Credit Card Application: Tips to Ponder

As a businessman, it is important for you to do well in your chosen field. If you need to purchase raw products to augment the needs of the business, then you must find a finance company that will allow you to avail business credit card. If you are a credit card holder, you do not need to avail loans to banking institutions and beg them to release the funds immediately. Your card his its balance. You can pay your desired purchases immediately in a single swipe. Since you have a business, you need a credit card that is solely used for business transactions and not for personal matters. You need to consider Amex business credit card application this time.

You must have thought of applying one for American Express. There are various sites where you can find links and eventually fill out the available form. There is no need to download the form and fill it out manually because the site itself can immediately submit your application to the receiver and evaluator. If you find the link, you only need to click on the Apply Now section and let you fill out the AMEX card member details. You also have the option to encode your login and password details if you have been a member of American Express. If this is your first time to get an account, then you need to sign up.

As you check the form, what you can see there are spaces for you to type your electronic mail address. The e-mail does not need to be a business e-mail. You can eve decide to type your personal e-mail address. You also need to encode your legal business name so that the evaluator will know what business you have. You also need to encode the business name on card. It will be important not to miss typing the correct spelling of your company name.

For sure, they will also ask about your business address. If you are just starting up, then you can type your personal address. Same is true if they require you to type the business phone number. You may type a personal phone number if you do not have the business phone yet. You need to be honest in putting details for addresses and phone numbers because they need to verify also if you are telling the truth. Do not ever forget to click the box with a phrase ‘Company does not have DBA’ if you do not have one yet.

Another important information that you need to fill in is the industry type. You need to look at the choices and select one according to the type of industry you belong. If none of them has been available, then you better choose ‘Other’. As someone who just started the business, you must have sole proprietorship for the business, so you choose that when you are asked about the company structure. Provide the years that you have been in business, the number of employees you have so far, and your annual business revenue. The rest will be more on personal identification.

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