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Monogram Leather Tote Bags: The Perfect Gift for a Loved One

A tote bag is a handbag or purse use or carrying several things like cosmetics, books, and clothes, among other such things used each day. Some of the materials used to make tote bags are nylon, leather, and canvas. The name tote is a word that was used at the end of the 17th century that means to carry. Nonetheless, the word does not essentially stand for a bag, only till the 20th century when it used to symbolize bags. Monogram is a design that is used by overlapping or combining graphemes or letters to form one symbol or logo.

Using monogrammed tote bags is the ideal way of carrying your items in an organized manner. The designs used to come up with perfect bags for all types of fashion. You can gift any person these bags. People can use these bags as diaper bags, market bags or bridesmaid bags. When a tote bag is written the name or initials of the person to be gifted, they are more happy and pleased with the gift.

Tote bags are the answer to women handbags. They come in squire shapes, handles on the side, large pockets and smaller ones on the side. Used for multitasking, the bags can also service other roles by working professionals, for shopping, for kids going to school, as a gift and carrying baby items.

there are those monogrammed totes that are created using initials and name combinations. Some of them have company logos or letters for promotion purposes. The designs used also use different colors to meet the different color needs of people.

Today, majority of them are made from polyester, leather, linen and cotton materials. The handles can be made using cotton, leather and plastic materials. The bags have compartments that make them easy to organize stuff inside. The smaller compartments can fit suchlike things as cell phones, keys, and cosmetics. The bigger compartments will also suit bigger items like books and apparel.

Most totes have additional external pockets to secure things inside. It can store small papers or a bottle of water. Opt for the bags that can be washed easily and durable. Make sure that the bag is suitable for your needs. You should not buy small totes if you know you will use it to carry clothes or books. If you have a tight budget, buy the wholesale tote bags. The bags are sold at discounted prices. You can choose from the variety of materials used in making them as highlighted above. Buy different sizes with different patterns. Bags with several colors will look better than those with one color.

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