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Some Important Facts about Ipe Decking

Some things will have to be considered by those who would like to buy the right type of decking, and they are the quality, price, and longevity. When it comes to decking, you will have several options to choose from. The three qualities mentioned above are offered by ipe decking, and because of that it is the best choice when it comes to decking. Those who choose ipe decking enjoy plenty of long term value. Because of its toughness and durability, ipe is a famous tree. It is the best tree that is preferred when it comes to decking and siding. Ipe has a beautiful and stylish grain and because of that those who like aesthetics should choose it.

A tremendous amount of value down the road is enjoyed by those who buy ipe because it is a dense and tight grain. When it comes to durability you should choose ipe decking or siding even if there are other types of decking out there. When ipe decking is maintained properly it stays in place and good condition even after ten years. Ipe decking is the best option when it comes to decking because you will not need to repair or replace it with new installations every year. Ipe is renowned for being resistant to insects such as carpenter ants, termites or other wood loving insects because of its toughness. To add on that, retaining of heat does not happen with ipe.

Even during hot days, people can walk barefooted on it if it is installed in their premises. Another advantage of buying ipe decking is that they do not rot or decay. The regular wooden deck does not have a longer lifespan like what ipe decks have because of such things. You will not find mold, fungus or scratches on ipe decks because it is resistant to such things. You only wash ipe deck to make it have an elegant look when it comes to maintenance work for it. If you would like to make it look cleaner and shiny, you should use a power wash.

In many cases, you will find ipe decking around swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. Ipe decking does not allow slipping to happen, and because of that, it is the best choice for such areas. It does not allow friction to happen in a wet environment and therefore reduces the chances of accidents in such areas. Ipe trees are mostly grown in managed forests. It encourages responsible forestry practices because it is a renewable resource. This type of wood was not easily cut in the past because it would quickly blunt even the sharpest blades.

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