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The Leading NBA Teams That Have Amazing Supporters

Basketball is among the top sports that have many fans in America. The physicality of the players is among the top factors that are leading to the rising popularity of basketball. Also, you will have fun seeing these player do amazing moves on the court. It is common to individuals to argue that their NBA team has the best fans in the league. To answer this questions you need to develop criterions for measuring the fan base of various teams. Continue reading this article to see the list of the NBA teams that has fantastic fans.

Most of the people supporting the Chicago Bulls become fans during their outstanding years in the 90s. Michael Jordan who is a legendary basketball player made his career playing for the Chicago Bulls. For many basketball fans Jordan is regarded to be the best basketball player of all time. The fans of Chicago Bulls make regular games attendance. To show support the fans of Chicago Bulls will have custom foam fingers and other cheering accessories during the games.

The next team that has the best fans in NBA is Boston Celtics. The team has a proud history of winning 17 championships. The Boston Celtics games in many instances almost exceed 90{8d8a0c3668ffe90e6825914ea1f489a50cb88041bcda489fcac29c2d32f2ddb0} attendance.

The other teams that have incredible supporters is the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry is one of the legendary players of this team. Being a super team is the other thing that makes many people support this team.

The Oklahoma City Thunder is the other leading team that has amazing fans. Being from a small town does not limit the fans from cheering for Oklahoma City Thunder. The team has some diehard fans who attend most of their league’s games especially the home games.

The New York Knicks also have incredible and outspoken supporters. Other supporters may consider the New York Knicks fans to be obnoxious. You will also discover the tickets for the New York Knicks home games are often sold out. The stadium of New York Knicks has about 20,000 seats which means the team has many fans given it is full for almost all games.

The die-hard supports are the one who cheers for their team even when losing. A lose for their favourite team will not prevent them from attending the next game. Basketball is, therefore, one of the most incredible sports to support in America.