How to choose exterior wall strip lights?

When choosing exterior wall strip lights, you should consider the following factors:
Waterproof level: Since exterior wall strip lights are easily exposed to the outside, it is very important to choose strip lights with a good waterproof level. You can choose a waterproof level of IP65 and above.
Antioxidant performance: Exterior wall strip lights are easily exposed to wind, sun and rain, so choosing strip lights with better antioxidant properties can extend the service life of the product. If you are looking for a high-quality LED Strip Light Wholesale or LED Strip Light manufacturer, then be sure to pay attention to their service reputation and product quality.
Color stability: Since exterior wall strip lights need to run for a long time, choosing strip lights with color stability can ensure that the overall color effect will not deteriorate over time.
Brightness: Choose the appropriate brightness according to the installation location and lighting needs to ensure that the lighting effect meets the requirements.
Installation method: Choose strip lights that are easy to install to reduce installation costs and difficulty.
Control method: Choose the appropriate control method according to actual needs, such as manual control, remote control, smartphone APP control, etc.
Energy consumption: Considering the issue of energy consumption, choosing LED strip lights with lower energy consumption can reduce energy consumption costs in long-term use.
Price: Choose an appropriate price range based on your budget and actual needs.
Brand and quality: Choose LED strip lights from well-known brands to ensure product quality and after-sales service.
By considering these factors, you can choose a high-quality, high-performance exterior light strip that suits your needs.
At the same time, before purchasing, you can also learn about the various brands and models of exterior wall strip lights on the market, and evaluate and compare them to ensure that the product you choose is the most suitable for you.