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Preventive Ways of Bruxism

Sometimes, you may be diagnosed to have bruxism by your dentist, which may compel you to worry about your teeth. Many bruxism cases occur at night when people are asleep, but there are some people who experience it in daytime. However, the condition is not prolonged during the day because the bruit is awake, and it sub-consciously controls this condition. Nonetheless, this condition is affecting millions of people all over the world. Sometimes, bruxism may cause total damage to the victim’s teeth and the effects may be irreversible, and the condition may sometimes cause other health problems if it doesn’t get treated early enough.

At a go, one may experience either one or many symptoms because different victims are affected differently. Dentists will look at your teeth and the rate at which they are wearing out, before diagnosing you with bruxism or not. Due to the fact that teeth wear happens slowly over a very long period, you may not be able to notice it, unless you experience some pain. It is important for you to seek for the services of a professional dentist to examine your teeth, because they are likely to identify the problem early. Another condition that is associated with bruxism, is TJM which causes the victims a lot of pain in the jaws, on their faces, and their neck region.

There are people who will experience this condition after chewing gum, or if their jaws are injured. Headaches are another symptoms of bruxism whereby victims wake up with regular headaches. You can only associate headaches with the condition if the victim suffers from teeth pain and teeth wear as well. Earaches and sore gums are the other symptoms that indicate the possibility of having bruxism. The victims also experience difficulties in sleeping and issues like snoring, breathing problems, and many other challenges at night.

The condition can be treated by applying occlusal splint orally. These guards are used to prevent one’s teeth from grinding on each other causing wearing out. You need to wear them whenever you go to sleep and your teeth will be safe. Due to the different sizes and shapes that come with these guards, only professional dentists are able to recommend the most suitable ones for you. While it is obvious that these teeth guards cannot directly prevent the condition, they are necessary in the reduction of tooth wear which will slow the rate of wear. You can reduce stress and your anxious nature, which are major contributors to the bruxism condition, by trying body relaxing techniques You may as well try to meditate and undergo aromatherapy which enhances stress relieve, which will enhance your sleep.

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